Free Activities

As teachers, we understand how difficult it is to decide what to spend your hard-earned and limited financial resources on. Therefore, what unique value do our resources bring to your Spanish classroom? In our most recent survey, here’s what other Spanish teachers found most valuable about our work:

  • Students found the activities to be engaging and interesting across multiple class levels
  • High-quality materials, both in accuracy and aesthetics
  • Focus on a wide range of diverse cultural perspectives
  • Multiple organization systems (such as by theme or grammar topic) facilitate integration into your curriculum
  • Personal lifelong learning and enjoyment outside of the classroom

Want to confirm this positive feedback for yourself? Download the free activities below to get a sampling of the activities that are available exclusively to members of Zambombazo!

Free Examples of our Member-Exclusive Activities

Clozeline, a listening activity focused on a grammar topic or pattern, with comprehension and conversation questions

Cancionero, a listening activity focused on a vocabulary topic or theme, led by a reflective guiding question

Pictograma, a highly visual reading activity that uses emojis and icons to facilitate comprehension

Paso corto, a viewing and conversation guide for short films with a focus on cultural comparisons

Twiccionario, a reading activity of interesting or funny tweets followed by short sentence production

¡Qué rico!, a recipe guide that encourages performing the verbs used in food preparation and tasting yummy dishes

Billetes, a short warm-up or transition activity, usually with 5 questions and a few key words

Espacio Publicitario, a listening and watching guide that encourages critical media analysis of advertisements

Doblado Doblado, a side-by-side linguistic comparison of regionally dubbed and subtitled trailers

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