Institutional Sales & Multi-Teacher Discount Membership

Looking to purchase institution-paid, non-recurring 1-year memberships for one or more teachers? Follow the steps below to place your order.

Please note: Payment by check is not currently available. All invoices must be paid online with a card.

Step 1: Order Email

To place an institutional order, email Betsy Jones at administration [at] zachary-jones [dot] com with the following information:

  • Institution Name
  • Number of memberships you are purchasing and price, per following chart
  • Name and email address of invoice processor (person responsible for paying invoice)
  • Name and email address of delivery recipient (person responsible for distributing activation codes to teachers)

We cannot process orders sent as PO’s and do not accept purchase orders as proof of payment. All orders are processed when online payment has been received.

Institutional Pricing for 1-Year Memberships
  • 1 teacher: $83.99
  • 2 teachers: $156 ($78 per teacher)
  • 3 teachers: $216 ($72 per teacher)
  • 4 teachers: $264 ($66 per teacher)
  • 5 or more teachers: Calculate total based on number of teachers at $60 per teacher
Step 2: Invoicing and Payment

After confirming your order details, the invoice processor will be sent an invoice by email. The link to pay for your order online will be included on the invoice.

Step 3: Delivery and Membership Activation

Upon receipt of invoice payment, membership activation codes and activation instructions will be sent by email to the delivery recipient. The delivery recipient will be responsible for distributing these codes (one per teacher) and the activation instructions to their teachers.

Each teacher will then follow the activation instructions to activate their membership. To facilitate coordinated renewals for your institution, please make sure each teacher uses their code to activate their membership within 30 days of receipt.


To renew current institutional memberships, please send an email with the following information:

  • Email address or username of each current membership that you would like to renew
  • Name and email address of invoice processor
  • Number of new memberships that you would like to add (if any)
  • Name and email address of delivery recipient, if applicable

Invoicing will proceed as described in Step 2 above. Once payment is received, the current members’ expiration date will be extended by 1 year and new membership activation codes, if any, will be sent by email to the delivery recipient.