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Welcome, Amigazos! Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Zambombazo!

We currently offer two membership plans: an annual plan and a quarterly plan. The only difference is frequency of payment. Memberships start on the date of purchase and automatically renew on the next anniversary date (1 year from purchase date for Yearly Membership and 3 months from purchase date for Quarterly Membership).

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Level Price  
Yearly Member $83.99 per Year. Select
Quarterly Member $26.22 every 3 Months. Select

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What do I gain access to as a member?

As a member (whom we affectionately call Amigazos), you will gain access to the following:

New member-exclusive activities each weekday

Among the activities that you will find only on Zambombazo are:

  • Clozeline, a listening activity focused on a grammar topic or pattern, with comprehension and conversation questions
  • Conjugarte, an art activity to practice verb conjugations and draw beautiful art at the same time
  • Cancionero, a listening activity focused on a vocabulary topic or theme, led by a reflective guiding question
  • Pictograma, a highly visual reading activity that uses emojis and icons to facilitate comprehension
  • Paso corto, a viewing and conversation guide for short films with a focus on cultural comparisons
  • Twiccionario, a reading activity of interesting or funny tweets followed by short sentence production
  • ¡Qué rico!, a recipe guide that encourages performing the verbs used in food preparation and tasting yummy dishes
  • Preguntitas, a short warm-up, ice-breaker or transition activity, usually with 5 questions
  • Espacio Publicitario, a listening and watching guide that encourages critical media analysis of advertisements
  • Doblado Doblado, a side-by-side linguistic comparison of regionally dubbed and subtitled trailers
  • Lookbook, a matching activity using online store selections and clothing prices
  • ¿Cómo eres?, a listening activity based on short videos in which musicians describe themselves in three words
  • ¿Qué le gusta hacer?, a listening activity based on short videos in which musicians talk about their hobbies
  • Abecedario, a vocabulary puzzle based on thematic alphabets

Our current weekly schedule includes publishing 1-3 new music-related activities, 1-2 film-related activities and 1-2 other activities. Oh! And every Wednesday is Miáucoles, where we delight in cats talking and being cute. Also, we always continue to try to innovate, create and share new activities.

Access to our extensive archive of over 1,700 activities

Our archive refers to all activities currently on our site. These activities address a very wide array of topics and are organized as follows:

  • Panorama temático, activities organized by theme
  • Panorama gramático, activities organized by grammar topic or structure
  • Panorama geográfico, activities organized by location
  • Panorama musical, music activities organized by genre
  • Actividades, activities organized by activity type

We’ve been creating and sharing our resources online for over a decade, so there is quite a lot here! Please let us know if we can help you find something you’re looking for.

Priority Customer Service

We will continue to endeavor to respond to all communication, but our Amigazos are super special to us, so we’ll respond to you first. Also, if you would like personal assistance, we’re happy to help!