Introducing Zambombazo Membership: Join Today!

Dear Colleagues,

After careful consideration of your feedback along with extensive research and planning, we are excited to announce that we are implementing a membership system! Our activities will be made available exclusively to members (whom we affectionately call Amigazos) via a convenient cloud-based membership. Join today!

What prompted this change?

We want to respond proactively to the feedback we’ve received from fellow hard-working teachers!

According to the results of our recent survey, the majority of those who responded would support a membership system.

Over the years, colleagues have often requested the ability to download a series of activities on a specific topic. Using the ebook system, this level of flexibility was not possible due to its chronological organization as well as the quantity of activities in our archive (over 1,500 activities, with more added each day!). But, with the new membership system, you have access to exactly the activities you need, when you need them.

We also want to reflect current technology and media consumption preferences.

In the decade since we started as a small class blog, the way we all consume media has changed dramatically! Cloud-based subscription services are now common (Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, to name just a few). Whereas in the past we might have purchased a CD for offline listening, now we can pay for access to a large, on-demand library of songs. In a similar way, our new membership system will provide easy, on-demand access to our extensive library of activities.

So, how will using our site as a member actually work? It’s easy! Once you join, you just log in, go to a post and download the activity! We’ve kept the design and navigation of our site as similar as possible. Thus, after log in, using our site will feel extremely familiar, just more convenient, more flexible to your individual needs and more integrated with our unit pages, such as Panorama temático and Panorama gramático.

To illustrate the benefits of the new system, let’s look at a typical scenario, contrasting our previous ebook model with the new membership model. Let’s say you want to find and download activities for an upcoming Family unit. Under the ebook model, you would go to our Family unit page, then click on the over 100 activities, spread over a number of different ebooks, and try to decide which ebooks to buy. In contrast, under the new membership model, you would log in, go to the Family unit page and have immediate access to the over 100 related activities found there. No more figuring out which ebook the activities you want are in. No more managing offline storage. Easy!

Ready to get started? Join here!

Thank you so much for your hard work and effort in your classroom and we look forward to opening an exciting new chapter here on Zambombazo with your support!

Betsy and Zachary