Conjugarte: Spanish Future Tense+ (Women Artists)


Practice Spanish future tense conjugation (plus conditional and perfect tenses) and recreate art from Spanish & Latin American women artists at the same time! Click the “Add to Cart” button to purchase Conjugarte: Future+ (Women Artists) for only $16.95!

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Spanish Future Tense Plus Lots More

The + in the title is a pretty big plus! :) In addition to the Spanish future tense, this special edition Conjugarte ebook also contains conditional, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect and conditional perfect.

The biggest plus of all for us is the special focus on Spanish and Latin American women artists, featuring Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo, Ángeles Santos, Olga Blinder, Leonora Carrington, Maruja Mallo, Petrona Viera, Olga Costa, Tilsa Tsuchiya, Leonor Fini, Rosa Rolanda, Juana Lecaros, Isabel Villaseñor, Clara Ledesma, Norah Borges, Belkis Ayón, Lilí del Mónico, Margarita Bertheau, Débora Arango, Julia Codesido, Julia Díaz, Delhy Tejero and Amelia Peláez!

See Conjugarte In Action

Watch the video below to see how to complete a Conjugarte activity! The example in the video can be found in Conjugarte: Spanish Present Tense.

Contents: Conjugarte: Spanish Future Tense+

This ebook includes the following worksheets:

    Spanish Future Tense
    1. Future: Regular
    2. Future: Regular
    3. Future: Irregular
    4. Future: Irregular

    Spanish Conditional Tense
    5. Conditional: Regular
    6. Conditional: Regular
    7. Conditional: Irregular
    8. Conditional: Irregular

    Spanish Present Perfect Tense
    9. Present Perfect: Regular -ar
    10. Present Perfect: Regular -er & -ir
    11. Present Perfect: Irregular
    12. Present Perfect: Irregular
    13. Present Perfect: Irregular
    14. Present Perfect: Accent
    15. Present Perfect: Double participles

    Spanish Past Perfect Tense
    16. Past Perfect: Regular -ar
    17. Past Perfect: Regular -er & -ir
    18. Past Perfect: Irregular
    19. Past Perfect: Irregular

    Spanish Future Perfect Tense
    20. Future Perfect: Regular
    21. Future Perfect: Irregular

    Spanish Conditional Perfect Tense
    22. Conditional Perfect: Regular
    23. Conditional Perfect: Irregular

    24. Answers: 1-8
    25. Answers: 9-16
    26. Answers: 17-23