Conjugart: French Present Tense


Ever since we released Conjugarte we’ve received regular requests to consider creating a French version. Thus, we are very happy to present Conjugart: French Present Tense! Practice verb conjugations and recreate beautiful art from the Francophone world at the same time!

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What is Conjugart?

When I was little I used to love to draw using these grid art worksheets in which little by little, square by square, a picture is revealed! We’ve combined that idea with conjugation! To do so, we’ve replaced the letter-number grid system (A-1) with a verb-subject grid system (parler, je).

In addition to practicing verb conjugation, you’ll get to recreate some of the great artwork of the Francophone world from Edgar Degas, Félix Vallotton, Georges Seurat, Henri Matisse, Maurice Biais, Raymond Peynet, René Georges Hermann-Paul, Jacques Villon, Charles Méryon, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, André Breton, Édouard Manet, Paul Cézanne and more!

See Conjugart In Action

Watch the video below to see how to complete a Conjugart activity! The example in the video can be found in Conjugarte: Spanish Present Tense.

Contents: Conjugart: French Present Tense

This ebook includes the following present-tense worksheets:

    1. Regular -er
    2. Regular -er
    3. Regular -er
    4. Regular -er (-ier)
    5. Regular -ir
    6. Regular -ir
    7. Regular -re
    8. Irregular: être, avoir, aller
    9. Spelling change -cer
    10. Spelling change -ger
    11. Stem change: -eler & -eter
    12. Stem change: -ayer,-oyer & -uyer
    13. Stem change: -e_er
    14. Stem change: -é_er
    15. Irregular -ir: dormir, mentir, partir, sentir, servir, sortir
    16. Irregular -ir: offrir, ouvrir, souffrir
    17. Irregular -ir: courir, devoir, pouvoir, recevoir, savoir, venir, voir, vouloir
    18. Irregular -ir: tenir & venir
    19. Irregular -re: prendre, battre, mettre
    20. Irregular -re: -aindre, -eindre, -oindre
    21. Irregular -re: rompre
    22. Irregular -re: dire, écrire, lire
    23. Irregular -re: boire, conduire, connaître, croire, faire, suivre, vivre
    24. Pronominal verbs
    25. Pronominal stem change verbs
    26. Solutions: 1-6
    27. Solutions: 7-17
    28. Solutions: 18-25