Billetes: Fears

Are fears our friends or they just worsen people’s existence? A graduation film made at Vancouver Film School (2015), 3.5 months of production. Directed and animated by Nata Metlukh Making-of: *** Awards *** Winner at Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada, 2015) Winner at Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (United Arab Emirates, 2016) Winner at Spark Animation Festival (Canada, 2015) Winner at Corto Helvetico al Femminile Festival (Switzerland, 2017) Winner at 100 Films in 100 Minutes by Kyiv International Short Film Festival (Ukraine, 2017) 2nd place at Hamburg Animation Award (Germany, 2015) 2nd place Jury Winner at Audience Awards Animations Shorts Film Festival (USA, 2018) 3d place at Chilemonos (Chile, 2016) 3d place at Short Film Breaks (Romania, 2017) Audience Award at Etiuda&Anima Film Festival (Poland, 2016) Audience Choice at Exposure Short Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2017) Special Jury Mention at Short Of The Year Promofest (Spain, 2016) Special Award at AninetFest (Czech Republic, 2017) Most Inspirational Short Film at Reel 2 Real International Film Festival (Canada, 2017) Special Mention at Spiritual Film Festival Contracorriente (Colombia, 2017) *** Screenings *** KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (The Netherlands, 2015) Sommets du cinéma d’animation (Canada, 2015) Fantoche (Switzerland, 2015) Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada, 2015) Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation (USA, 2015) Spark Animation Festival (Canada, 2015) Cinanima (Portugal, 2015) Primanima (Hungary, 2015) Living Arts Animation Festival (USA,2015) Vienna Short Film Project (Austria, 2015) Hamburg Animation Award (Germany, 2015) Insomniafest (Russia, 2015) Anibar (Kosovo, 2015) World Festival of Animated Film in Varna (Bulgaria, 2015) Pluk de Nacht (The Netherlands, 2015) Anima Brussels Animation Film Festival (Belgium, 2016) Durango Independent Film Festival (USA, 2016) Animac (Catalonia, 2016) Trickfilm Festival of Animated Film (Germany, 2016) Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival (Italy, 2016) Tel Aviv Animation Festival (Israel, 2016) Holland Animation Film Festival (The Netherlands, 2016) Pictoplasma Berlin Festival (Germany, 2016) Ceiling Festival (Russia, 2016) AninetFest (Czech Republic, 2016) Augenblicke Shortfilms (Germany, 2016) Cineclube Animassa (Brazil, 2016) SantaCurtas Festival (Portugal, 2016) Hiroshima Educational Film Market (Japan, 2016) Modern Art Museum Centre Pompidou in Paris (France, 2016) Bit Bang Fest International Festival (Argentina, 2016) Animasivo (Mexico, 2016) Big Cartoon Festival (Russia, 2016) Reggio Film Festival (Italy, 2016) Animated Dreams (Estonia, 2016) Denver Animation Festival (USA, 2016) Moving Silence (Cyprus, 2016) Chilemonos (Chile, 2016) Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (United Arab Emirates, 2016) Etiuda&Anima Film Festival (Poland, 2016) Promofest (Spain, 2016) Exposure Short Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2017) Traveling Film Festival (France, 2017) European Film Festival (France, 2017) Tehran International Animation Festival (Iran, 2017) Living Things Festival (Canada, 2017) Big Cartoon Festival (Russia, 2017) Reel 2 Real International Film Festival (Canada, 2017) Golden Kuker Sofia Festival (Bulgaria, 2017) Festival of Nations (Austria, 2017) Aninetwork Fest (Czech Republic, 2017) Shorty Week Film Festival (Spain, 2017) Plein la Bobine Film Festival (France, 2017) Animocje (Poland, 2017) Radical Frame Film Festival (Germany, 2017) Kinolub Film Festival (Poland, 2017) Très Court Festival (France, 2017) BRAM! Mostra de Cinema (Spain, 2017) Short Film Series (Germany, 2017) Breakthroughs Film Festival (Canada, 2017) International Short Film Festival of San Roque (Spain, 2017) International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin (Croatia, 2017) Short Film Breaks (Romania, 2017) File Anima+ exhibition (Brazil, 2018)

Semana de escalofríos, un festival de cortometrajes de miedo en línea

Cortometraje: Fears – Ficha técnica

    Título: Fears
    Dirección: Nata Metlukh
    País: Canadá
    Banda sonora / Sonido: Matthew Thomas
    Género: Animación
    Sinopsis: Los miedos: ¿amigos o enemigos?

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Cartel: Fears

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