Betsy’s Picks: 5 yummy activities you gotta do after lunch or they’ll make your Spanish class too hungry

With hundreds of resources on our site, it can be a challenge to find the perfect song, movie or other media to complement the lesson plan you’ve worked so hard on.

In Betsy’s Picks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite songs, films, ads, recipes and more to help busy teachers find resources for Spanish class… and, let’s be honest, are we ever not busy? 😅

This week I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite resources on a topic that never fails to get my attention: Food!

1. Churros


Why I like it: Añoranza noun 1. A deep, melancholic longing for something or someone that is absent. 2. How I feel when I think about the delicious churros I ate in Mexico, a longing only pacified by making this recipe.

2. ¿Cómo preparar Dorilocos?

Why I like it: Having an opinion to share is a powerful tool in language learning since it creates an internally-motivated desire to communicate. This “crazy” street snack from Mexico is sure to get students talking! What would you put on your Dorilocos?

3. Los Cenzontles – La cocina de mi choza

Why I like it: A question I often ponder is: Why does food create such strong cross-cultural connections? Perhaps one reason is that food, as a universal need, can cut through externally-created divisions to reach the heart and evoke positive, shared feelings of home and love, as is the case with this joyous ode to home cooking.

4. Colectivo Musicalisazón – Mi cazuela

Why I like it: On the other side of the culture coin, recipes can also help define and reinforce concepts of national identity, such as the concepts of inclusivity and community that are “baked into” the Chilean cazuela.

5. Tostones

Why I like it: Some of my favorite memories of the Dominican Republic are of food… walking to the welcoming glow of a late-night chimi cart… eating the best habichuelas guisadas of my life at a bus stop cafeteria… sharing a freshly-caught fried fish with Zachary on a gorgeously remote beach… all accompanied by piping hot, tender, crispy tostones. After years of trying to recreate these memories in my own kitchen, this video taught me to make the tostones of my dreams!

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