Purchase Orders

Zambombazo Purchase Orders

Thank you for your interest in making a purchase from us using a PO!

You may submit your order using a purchase order, however, we do not extend credit terms. The ordered items will be delivered immediately upon receipt of full payment, as detailed in the following steps.

Your entire purchase process will be handled by me, Betsy Jones, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at administration [at] zachary-jones [dot] com. Please review and follow our 3-step process carefully to ensure delay-free payment and ebook delivery:

Step 1: Order Email

Email the PO as attachment to administration [at] zachary-jones [dot] com with the following information included:

  • Name and email address of ebook recipient (e.g. teacher)
  • Name and email address of invoice processor (e.g. purchasing office staff member)
  • If needed, also include any W-9 or other documentation/vendor information requests
  • If this is your first purchase with us, we may request an email confirmation to avoid delays in ebook or invoice delivery.
Step 2: Invoicing and Payment

After confirming your order details, the invoice processor will be sent an invoice by email. Invoices are sent by email only, you will not receive a physical copy in the mail. If paying by credit card, click the link found on your invoice to pay online. If paying by check, remittance instructions and address will be included on your invoice.

Step 3: Ebook Delivery

Immediately upon receipt of full payment, the ebook recipient will be sent an email with a link to download the purchased ebooks. (Ebooks are sales tax exempt digital products. No physical goods will be shipped.)