Proclamation: Intl. Decade for People of African Descent

During the Opening Gala of the Afrolatino Festival of New York 2015, Amilcar Priestley announced the Proclamation of the International Decade for People of African Descent.

Reflection: Afrolatino Festival NYC 2015

First watch the video. Then read the transcription while listening to the announcement. Later reflect on these questions.

Transcription: Announcement of Proclamation

For the last couple months we’ve been working on, in conjunction with the New York State Assembly, the Black, Latino, Asian and Hispanic Caucus, on a proclamation. If you guys see some of the logos, one of them is the UN International Decade for People of African Descent. That started this year and it runs until 2024.

I have here Natasha Williams, the Executive Director of the caucus, and Dr. Vega, who all of you know, who were instrumental in helping us push this and just this week, we actually got an official proclamation from the New York State Assembly recognizing the decade and recognizing Afrodescendants.

So, I wanted to make this announcement. The official language for the decade will be on their website and so you guys can check it out.

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To learn more about Amilcar Priestley, Director of the AfroLatin@ Project, visit his official bio page. Come back each day throughout August to see new interviews carried out during the Afrolatino Festival NYC 2015.

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