Betsy’s Picks: 4 songs to turn your present tense stem-changing verbs lesson into a party

With hundreds of resources on our site, it can be a challenge to find the perfect song, movie or other media to complement the lesson plan you’ve worked so hard on.

In Betsy’s Picks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite songs, films, ads, recipes and more to help busy teachers find resources for Spanish class… and, let’s be honest, are we ever not busy? 😅

This week I wanted to share four songs in Spanish that will turn your present tense stem-changing verbs lesson into a party!

1. Álvaro Soler – Loca
Álvaro Soler - Loca

Why I like it: In addition to having a catchy beat and many examples of present tense stem-changing verbs, the kaleidoscopic video shot in Japan is pure gorgeousness. Even the businessman in the ramen shop can’t resist bobbing his head to this song.

2. J Balvin, Willy William – Mi Gente
J. Balvin & Willy William - Mi gente

Why I like it: Play this one and you will instantly be the coolest teacher in your school! This is perfect for those almost-summer, end-of-school-year days when everyone’s bouncing off the walls.

3. Joss Favela, Becky G – Pienso en ti
Joss Favela, Becky G - Pienso en ti

Why I like it: Lots of yo/tú present tense stem-changing verb practice, surrounded by a irresistible pop-country wrapper sung by Joss Favela and the multi-talented Becky G.

4. Nidia Góngora y Quantic – Que me duele
Nidia Góngora & Quantic - Que me duele

Why I like it: The video takes us to the Petronio Álvarez Festival with Nidia Góngora leading the way dancing. Plus, the lyrics integrate so easily into a medicine unit.

Bonus Cooldown: Ventino – Volverte a oír
Ventino - Volverte a oír

Why I like it: So, say you did have a surprise Spanish class dance party as a result of playing the previous songs? Well, before turning your hyped up kids loose on their next, unsuspecting teachers, why not wind down with this ballad, complete with some extra o-ue/e-ie practice?

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