Betsy’s Picks: 3 short movies in Spanish that will make you laugh… and one that will make you cry

With hundreds of resources on our site, it can be a challenge to find the perfect song, movie or other media to complement the lesson plan you’ve worked so hard on.

In Betsy’s Picks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite songs, films, ads, recipes and more to help busy teachers find resources for Spanish class… and, let’s be honest, are we ever not busy? 😅

This week I wanted to share three short movies in Spanish that made me laugh and one that made me feel a roller coaster of emotions.

1. Toontorial: Cómo tener una vida saludable

Toontorial: Cómo tener una vida saludable

Why I like it: Comprehensible input with just a touch of subversiveness make this video a great addition to any Healthy Living unit.

2. Emilio Da Cat

Emilio Da Cat

Why I like it: You know we love cats around here! Plus, the cutie in this film looks just like my own cat, Ximena! With hilarious voice acting, helpful subtitles and nice comedic timing, this is a low-stress option for those days you need to brighten the mood in your classroom.

3. ¿Y dónde están las llaves?

Why I like it: This absurdist take on a familiar topic is a fun way to infuse more humor into a Daily Routine lesson plan.

4. Dulce


Why I like it: You know those times when something is a good cry, when you’re smiling through your tears? Well, Dulce is one of those times, a roller coaster of emotions that I personally identified with strongly because I remember what a scary challenge it was to learn to swim when I was little. Add to that a global climate context and a mother working hard to support and protect her children and, well, you’ve got a gem of a film that just might reach your students’ hearts.

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