Betsy’s Picks: 8 engaging activities to help your students stay immersed in Spanish over the summer

With hundreds of resources on our site, it can be a challenge to find the perfect song, movie or other media to complement the lesson plan you’ve worked so hard on.

In Betsy’s Picks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite songs, films, ads, recipes and more to help busy teachers find resources for Spanish class… and, let’s be honest, are we ever not busy? 😅

This week we published a whole slate of activities to help your students avoid vacation stagnation and stay engaged over the summer months with music, ads, fashion and films in Spanish.

1. Espinoza Paz – Disfruta la vida

Espinoza Paz – Disfruta la vida

Why I like it: This cumbia allows for an easy review of the imperative while offering three guidelines for a fun summer (and a happier life, for that matter): Spend time with people you love, connect with nature and cultivate gratitude.

2. Uruguay en una palabra

Uruguay en una palabra

Why I like it: In 10 words, how would you describe your perfect vacation? Compare your list with the one in this video and see if Uruguay is the perfect destination for you! (Note: This Billetes worksheet has 10 duplicate, small tickets on one page, ready to be cut out and distributed to an entire class. Students doing this activity on their own would only complete one.)

3. Moral Distraída – Canción bonita

Moral Distraída - Canción bonita

Why I like it: In searching every year for summer songs to share, we can’t help but notice how similar they all end up being. This song addresses that tendency with a satirical, media-aware bite underneath its bouncy pop exterior.

4. Consejos para pasar un verano saludable

Consejos para pasar un verano saludable: Elegí comer frutas y verduras

Why I like it: In this activity, we created a series of small tasks that repeat key words and phrases in different contexts. Also, the simple, well-designed animations in the video are perfect for reinforcing the written message.

5. Sé un viajero, no un turista

Sé un viajero, no un turista

Why I like it: What’s the difference between a tourist and a traveler? Mariel de Viaje shares her perspectives on the challenges and the rich rewards of traveling alone, outside of your comfort zone, making connections and overcoming fears.

6. Los Bonsáis – Septiembre

Los Bonsáis - Septiembre

Why I like it: It’s already way too hot where we live, so we might need to reverse-hibernate in our living room until fall arrives, like Los Bonsáis. 😆 Also, the format of this Pictograma activity makes the lyrics more comprehensible and the questions on the second page retell the story of the song.

7. Qué vas a hacer en vacaciones

Twiccionario: ¿Qué vas a hacer en vacaciones?

Why I like it: From backpacking to binge-watching, from beach days to work days, from driving lessons to video gaming, this Twiccionario has plenty of examples to give students the confidence to answer ¿Qué vas a hacer en vacaciones?

8. Bershka Festivalism

Why I like it: Lookbook is back with a pair of breezy outfits that are ready to be rocked at your favorite summer festival. Also, tie-dye is back in fashion, apparently? Time to break out the t-shirts, rubber bands and fabric dye again!

Bonus: Miáucoles

Why I like it: All these resources got you ready to pack your bags for a summer trip? Remember to travel light and bring only the essentials! 😺

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