Calendario de Conjugarte 2018

Calendario de Conjugarte 2018

Practice numbers in Spanish and recreate beautiful art at the same time! Click the “Add to Cart” button to purchase Calendario de Conjugarte 2018 for only $8.88!

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Calendario de Conjugarte

Calendario de Conjugarte combines the mechanics of two of our original activities: Calendario de arte and Conjugarte. As such, this special calendar seeks to provide a meaningful, fun, culture-rich way to practice numbers and dates.

Here’s how it works: The calendar is a grid of dates. Each day, find the numbered box corresponding to the current date. Draw that box in the calendar. Once you reach the end of the month, you will have drawn a beautiful work of art from a master artist of the Spanish-speaking world, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Fernando Botero and many more!

We like this idea because it implies that complex things (such as acquiring language or creating a beautiful artwork) can be accomplished little by little over time.

As you and your students finish the drawings each month, share your artwork with us on Twitter @Zamb0mbazo! #CalendarioDeConjugarte