Regina Bultrón Bengoa: The Role of Social & New Media

In the following excerpt from AfrolatinTalks hosted by The Afrolatin@ Project (a series of scholarly, relaxed conversations held at Cubana Social during the second day of Afrolatino Festival NYC 2015), Regina Bultrón Bengoa discusses the role of social and new media.

Reflection: Afrolatino Festival NYC 2015

First watch the video. Then read the transcription while listening to the excerpt. Later reflect on these questions.

Transcription: Regina Bultrón Bengoa – AfrolatinTalks

One of the questions that you asked was “What did you learn about school about being black?” and in the audience I answered that question to myself, that that’s something you don’t talk about. I’m from Puerto Rico, I’m Puerto Rican, and then, it’s really interesting because race is not a thing you discuss. It’s silent and that’s part of the problem of racism in Puerto Rico. Growing up for me, I was blessed enough to grow up in a family where that was a subject of conversation, but I was one in a million. So, coming to New York, when I come here to do my masters and work at the CCADI, is where I started getting in contact with these other conversations.

Bottom line, in all our Afrodescendant communities, we’re all working, we’re doing things to make ourselves visible, but we’re working in some sort of silos. I think that’s where social media and new media comes so handy, tan eficiente, so efficient, as a way to connect all those silos and work together, especially places like this, places like CCADI, where all of these people working on their own have the opportunity to work together.

Something that also helps is… I’m for a social media background, so, repost, share, comment, start challenging and start making those conversations within your network. You might be reading his article and you having a reaction a reaction to that article and sharing it with your network, I think that’s really valuable because it’s sparking a conversation that usually is not happening within our communities.

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