Entrevista & Cancionero: Monica Lionheart – Relámpago

Canción: Monica Lionheart – Relámpago

País: EEUU

Género: Electrónica

Temas: Tiempo, Comparaciones, Poemas sobre relámpagos (José Acosta, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

Hoja de actividades: Esta hoja de actividades se encuentra en el ebook Cancionero 2012.

LAMC 2012: Monica Lionheart: Interview

In this interview, Monica Lionheart shares tales of missed connections in New York City (see “Relámpago”), the storytelling aspect of music, the power that true love has over songwriting and her plans for the future. We also hear one of the most well thought out and beautiful answers we’ve ever had to our favorite interview question, “Do you write better in love or out of love?”