Zachary and I found so much great free music for you this week that we decided to dedicate an entire Betsy’s Recap to highlighting the best free-to-download music!

- Mix Fix from DJ Santi, with tracks from Poncho, She’s A Tease, Napoleón Solo and more! [Remezcla]

- Grammy-nominated Venezuelan bands La Vida Boheme and Los Amigos Invisibles. [Nacional Records]

- Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux’s La bala. [Amoeba]

- Podcast from Mexico, dedicated to Etta James. [Link]

- Déjenme llorar, beautiful tearjerker from Mexican singer-songstress Carla Morrison. [Reactor]

- Live performance of Basta del oscuro from French/Mexican/Chilean singer Adanowsky. [Amoeba]

-(left) Mandarina, by Senju-HiMe, an amazingly talented 16-year-old from Spain. [Tutti Frutti series]