Photo Vocab

Spanish Word of the Day: hacer malabares

English Translation: to juggle

Spanish Vocabulary In Context:
Aquí vemos a los escritores Gonçalo M. Tavares (Angola), Andrés Neuman (Argentina) y Eduardo Halfon (Guatemala) haciendo malabares con manzanas. Esta foto forma parte de “De tinta y luz”, la muestra del fotógrafo argentino Daniel Mordzinski que se inauguró esta semana en el Instituto Cervantes de Londres. Mordzinski trabaja desde hace más de treinta años en un ambicioso “atlas humano” de la literatura española y latinoamericana.

Country: UK

Photo Vocabulary Objectives and Rationale:
Want to learn new Spanish words each day? Photo Vocab is a Spanish vocabulary builder that teaches Spanish vocabulary and Spanish phrases along with their English translation through the day’s most striking photography.

Photo Vocab is like a picture dictionary, but contextualized in both time and space. As you know, Spanish vocabulary doesn’t naturally exist decontextualized like we find it in most text books. Spanish words show up in Spanish phrases which show up in Spanish sentences which show up in day-to-day conversations about the real world which itself exists in the stream of time. Thus, Photo Vocab attempts to work backwards to learn the Spanish language: 1) View the real world through a photo taken today, 2) Read a paragraph about it, 3) Isolate a key expression or Spanish word. Photo Vocab will help us all to associate one new word a day with an unforgettable picture.

Vía: BBC Mundo, Daniel Mordzinski, Instituto Cervantes